Leadership & Development Through Training, Conferences & Events
We Propagate
Knowledge Sharing on Various Aspects of Leadership Through Research & Dissemination of Good Practice
We Recognize & Reward
Leadership & Leadership Development Success Initiatives for Individuals & Groups
ILD works through a global network of affiliated organisations who share its vision, mission, & values.


The enthronement of a culture of leadership and public service that is selfless, citizen-centered and action-oriented.


In all aspects of its work, activities and operations, ILD will:
• Value the diversity of people and places
• Promote equality of opportunity for all persons
• Work safely, professionally and with integrity
• Care for the environment, ensuring that natural resources are used with consideration for future generations


ILD will realize its vision by working with partners to
• develop the skills of leaders and prospective leaders through training, coaching and networking
• raise awareness and improve knowledge through research and information dissemination on all aspects of leadership, particularly, with regard to corporate governance and selfless public service
• support leaders in their personal and professional development
• recognise and promote best practice in leadership development and practice
• undertake and disseminate research into various aspects of leadership policy and practice with particular reference to servant-leadership and governance

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